Saturday, August 29, 2009

Umbrella Girls, WIP New Detail

The complete painting (previous version) is several posts below but here is a new detail as of last night. I'm having trouble getting a good photo. My next task is to alter the fearful facial expression -- I think both my girls were enjoying the rainy night and the cool wind sweeping past them. Remember, this is Texas... we love our rain, when we get it! 20 x 16 oil/canvas, Not for Sale.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Portrait of Honoria Starbuck - WIP

I have a big collection of my earlier paintings done in acrylic at Austin Figurative Gallery. I intend to rework and finish out as many of them as I can, as most of them are pretty much sketches (often done in 15 minutes or less). This portrait started that way; one night at AFG the model didn't show up so we all took turns sitting. This is the Austin artist Honoria Starbuck. I might turn the background into an indoor or abstract setting and her blouse is just mostly blocked in. From the bottom up are: the original sketch (I like the fresh colors and spontaneity of it) and then yesterday's oil version, and at the top, today's version with a face close-up. 20 x 24 oil on canvas.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Today I wanted to try a new painting place in my house since my studio is feeling uninspiring to me. The light in one bathroom is really bright with big white counter space. I kind of liked it :) So I just did this little setup of three grapefruit (which sat at such a nice height on the bathroom shelf). It's a mostly white bathroom and I have a feeling I may end up painting my studio all white and working on the lighting. I need as few visual distractions as possible when I'm awaiting "the Muse." The main thing is that I'm just trying to get in the swing again so this was what the doctor ordered... a little warm-up, back to oil painting today. Busy weekend ahead and then Monday I'll see about working on my umbrella girls portrait. The next day, Madeline (little umbrella girl) comes home from 7 weeks in Paris! woohoo! I cannot wait! 8 x 10 oil Private Collection.