Saturday, January 19, 2013

Green Tomatoes With Peppers

9 x 12 pastel,  SOLD
Well, hello there!  It has been a while, yes.  So I was trying something new for me the other day and I found out that pastels present some unexpected challenges.  Not as easy as it looks, as is the case with so many things in art, and life...  These are some of my green tomatoes my husband thought were just ready for picking!  Uhhh, no, honey.  But when it came time for a still life I was glad they weren't red.  As far as my pastels I used a set of Rembrandt oil pastels that I bought in college back in 1979... glad I'm a hoarder and hadn't thrown them out for lack of being used.  Pastels are fun and I'll do more after I get some more paper.