Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Boggy Creek Farm

9 x 12 oil on canvas panel, shown framed in pine
More beginner plein air from me; not too proud to post my early efforts. I painted this on site at Boggy Creek Farm in East Austin. Deborah Thomas, Nina Brodsky, Robin Cheers and several others were there painting also. Quick decision-making has never been my forte and that is a required skill with this sport. But I'm beginning to see more than one or two greens in front of me. I had a great time afterward photographing chickens and roosters. Nice mild breezy morning and no bugs biting, yay!


Dana Cooper said...

I LOVE this one Camille! The little punch of color is really set off by the green. Sounds like a really fun day!

AutumnLeaves said...

I think this is absolutely marvelous and oh so beautiful, Camille!

Weekend Abstrait said...

C'est un joli potager avec de belles couleurs!
bonne journée-cath.

Stephanie Berry said...

This is so pleasant to look at--very nice variety of greens with those bits of contrasts.